Calendar of Bivouacs
Summer 2016

- from the 4th to 7th of August 2016 (Sentier du Bivouac discovery) for 4 days

- from the16th to 21th of August 2016 (Sentier du Bivouac "Natcham", level 2) for 6 days

"BLOG of the "Sentiers du Bivouac" (French)"  

Organic Fairs - Conferences

Meet us on "Bio Harmonie" in Montpellier from 5th to 7th Décember 2014 and with the conférence about the "Holy Ecology" by Wyngalian

Salon Bio Harmonies


Couvertures Soleil Levan


La quête de l'écologie sacrée

"La Quête de l'Écologie Sacrée" propose une relation à la nature innovante et audacieuse, sur les traces des stages des Sentiers du Bivouac
(de Wyngalian), disponible sur le site de "The Book Edition"




I ask for 50 € a day. By example for a 4 days stay, it makes 200 €.

However, money must not be an obstacle for your participation. If you cannot afford the financial participation, you'll be welcome anyway ! Just warn me before. The most important thing is your enthusiasm, your motivation, the light that you will bring with you...