Calendar of Bivouacs
Summer 2018

- from the 23th to the 24th of June : learning how to play Shaman Drums in the forest for 2 days

- from the 17th to 21th of July 2018 (Sentier du Bivouac discovery) for 5 days

- from the17th to 23th of August 2018 (Sentier du Bivouac "Natcham", level 2) for 7 days

"BLOG of the "Sentiers du Bivouac" (French)"  

Organic Fairs - Conferences

Meet us on "Bio Harmonie" in Montpellier from 5th to 7th Décember 2014 and with the conférence about the "Holy Ecology" by Wyngalian

Salon Bio Harmonies


Couvertures Soleil Levan


La quête de l'écologie sacrée

"La Quête de l'Écologie Sacrée" propose une relation à la nature innovante et audacieuse, sur les traces des stages des Sentiers du Bivouac
(de Wyngalian), disponible sur le site de "The Book Edition"


The "Bivouacs"

Marche de personnesWe propose a full immersion stay in Nature among a little group, in order to experience the strong sensations provided by a wild and preserved magnificient place. That's what we call "into the wild" for sure, but with safeness, under the stars, for stays running from a few days to one week. Mostly, it's a real opportunity for a complete break, searching for oneself, for inspiration, desire of nature, and a deep rest far away from everydaylife and civilization in the respect of others and of the nature, This is a strong way for ecological feeling too, for a rebirth opened to the smooth, wild, rebalancing, natural, pure power of Nature... in the paths of the "Sacred Ecology"philosophy : "La Quête de l'Écologie Sacrée"

Those events occur in a privileged place along a nice little river in the Alpes de the south France

The purpose and reason for being of "les Sentiers du Bivouac," for a deepest and strongest relationship with Nature, has two basic priorities :

- First of all, we create a tribe-of-a-few-days with sharing, attuning and listening, in the harmony of heart and confidence.It's a way to get tuned with the best vibes of Nature, which should be a benefice for everybody...

Phot de groupe    Phot de groupe

- In the second place, we attempt to be aware about the magical powership of nature, which is real. We get involved into a sanctuary during the stay, everything is alive, like a call from an invisible stream of joy, strenght, beauty and communion. To tell the truth, sometime when I see the enlighted smiles of the people there, I know that something is going on, invisible presences (spirits of water, woods, trees) helps us to feel more happy, more filled, more involved into the miracles of Nature. A great help in our quest for the most intimate and secrete nature....

Moreover this stay is some kind of an initiatic discovery far away from the common world, a stunning interlude in echoe of the lost pardise, when humanity was opened to stars, gods, and to the huge clamor of Nature !

This sanctuary offers so many pleasures too : Clay baths, jacuzzis, soft sand, baths in clear water, explorations, and an everyday celebration with laughts, danse, firecamps, confidences too.

Bivouac autour du feu

We are chamans too under the stars, near the holy wood, the undine's room, talking with trees, and entering into the Temple in the deep forest.

We are camping in a little beech haven, well safe even in case of rain (we got tarpaulin anyway !)

Mostly Important : The bivouacs are vegetarians (no meat) and No-Smoking !

Everybody must take sleeping bag, floor mate, food, dishes (except for cooking), first aid kit,

We draw the attention on the fact that the chart must be readed by all members of the sentiers du bivouac.

Children cannot participate for now to the events