Calendar of Bivouacs
Summer 2018

- from the 23th to the 24th of June : learning how to play Shaman Drums in the forest for 2 days

- from the 17th to 21th of July 2018 (Sentier du Bivouac discovery) for 5 days

- from the17th to 23th of August 2018 (Sentier du Bivouac "Natcham", level 2) for 7 days

"BLOG of the "Sentiers du Bivouac" (French)"  

Organic Fairs - Conferences

Meet us on "Bio Harmonie" in Montpellier from 5th to 7th Décember 2014 and with the conférence about the "Holy Ecology" by Wyngalian

Salon Bio Harmonies


Couvertures Soleil Levan


La quête de l'écologie sacrée

"La Quête de l'Écologie Sacrée" propose une relation à la nature innovante et audacieuse, sur les traces des stages des Sentiers du Bivouac
(de Wyngalian), disponible sur le site de "The Book Edition"



The "Sentiers du Bivouac" presents activities in order to help and facilitate the connexion with Nature...

First, the walk in the sanctuary of Nature in a spirit of peace, contemplation, silence, with delight toward the beauty and bewitchment of the place...

We propose too some kind of Natural Thalassotherapy with spring waters, mountain streams, clay baths, and the river all day long so close, so friendly...Bathing then of course is very important, in a deep communion with spirits of water and their strong healthy energy...


I will take you too in some marvellous aquatic places where some contacts with undine's energy are a reality...Optional : Shaman exercises with the water.

The contact with the trees is a Joy for ever...A correct attitude, with love and respect, allow some other magic connexions with the world of the Forests. Beeches, Oaks, Pines, Cedars whisper so much secrets there...It's up to us to listen to them !

I found a mysterious place with a stone circle coming out from the past centuries. For me now it's an opened Temple, a vortex of light in the deep and intimate Nature and an opportunity to feel the Nature in a different way...Such moments always memorable !

Activités au bivouac

The Dance in Nature, wild and soft, is an offering...In the sand banks, along the river, the body feels the inner moves of the trees, of the wind, of the river, and the shamans drums rises then... And we move, we wake up, and dance then, far away from our mind, in a strong freedom wave who helps us to explore more about us in a graceful sequence of happiness and expression of ourselves...

We do some natural body paintings sometime too (with ochre), in order to catch the hidden strength of Nature and to approach our shamanic animal...A moment of joy delight in a tribal mood, far away from civilization and social conventions.

When we get up in the early morning, we enjoy the freshness of the river, we get warm with the fire (and nice coffee or Tchai Tee), we lesson to the flute, and we begin then this fine new day with some meditation under the leaves with the sound of the river...Before Breakfast !

We have some moments of rest too, accordingly with the mood of the whole group....

Let's not forget to collect some firewood, the cooking with the fire, the visit to the spring water, and many intimate confidences under the stars...All a new life around sweet habits of a few days, at the rythm of Nature, following the curse of the sun and of the moon...

Sometime, we do sweat-lodges (it depends of the whishes of the whole group).

We enjoy too exciting shamanic evenings around the campfire with songs, dance, celebrating the Earth-Mother in the opened space of the glittering night.

And many other activities otherwise... Land Art, Cooperative games, Walking by night, and so on...